The Lesson Activity Builder (LAB) is a relatively new feature of Smart Notebook, which is really coming into its own in version 15.2 with a few new games added. It lets you create interactive games very quickly using a simple wizard. Just type in the answers and it will do the rest.

The Shout It Out game is also worth a look if you have tablets or other devices in the classroom. It allows for brainstorming activities where words and images can be sent directly onto your Smart Notebook page.

Note that this is different to the Activity Builder, which you can still find on the widgets tab. For a guide on how to use that, take a look at this video. There’s also the Lesson Activity Toolkit which you can find in the gallery. If you can’t see the Lesson Activity Toolkit in your gallery, here’s how to get it.

The Lesson Activity Toolkit’s days are numbered with the move away from Flash, so the LAB is worth exploring now. You’ll only get updates to the LAB when you update Smart Notebook, and you’ll only get those if you are subscribing to the Advantage Licence. Ask your network manager if you’re not sure if you’re entitled to updates.

Lesson Activity Builder