Here’s an excellent idea for a app to teach about the body. The Curiscope Virtuali-tee app combines a wearable AR code with an augmented reality app to make the internal organs come to life!

When the t-shirt is viewed through the app, it unlocks a portal into the body and transform the tee into an anatomy lesson. You can explore the body in fully animated 3D that lets you move in and look around the body.


The T-shirt plus app costs £22 via the Kickstarter page. I’m a bit concerned how scaleable this would be with a class – for multiple children it will soon get expensive. But maybe you can print out/copy the codes onto paper too? Or just one tshirt for the class as a demo? Would be good if you could get a tabard version which is easier to change around!

I’ve already pledged. So if it makes enough money, I’ll hopefully be demonstrating this app in August when they’re sent out! They’re already half-way to their goal, so it’s looking likely. Take a look here.

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