Plumbago is a free digital notebook from Microsoft which, although designed with tablets in mind, works really well on an interactive whiteboard.

Plumbago will work on any device running Windows 8 upwards, so it’ll run on any brand of Interactive Whiteboard that’s connected to a Windows 8/10 computer. It’ll also work fine on Windows tablets.

Like most notebook software, Plumbago offers a range of papers and inks, and will smooth your handwriting.

Plumbago Whiteboard App

You can add pictures, plus trace, highlight, and annotate imported image files.

Plumbago allows for unlimited notebooks, so you can organize your notes in different books for different classes, plus notebooks for staff meetings etc.

Pages can be saved as an image (jpg or png) or specific areas can eb copied to use in other apps, such as Word and OneNote.

It’s not fully-featured whiteboard software, but if all you do is want to make quick notes on the screen and save an as image then it’s a nice app to have installed. It’s a free app, so it’s not going to cost you anything to try it out!

Download Plumbago here!

Thanks to UK Edchat for the link.