Morphi is a 3D modelling app for all where children can create 3D models on an iPad which can then be sent to a 3D Printer to be turned into a real object.

Morphi 3D Printing on Ipad

The Morphi app contains all the tools you’d expect from 3D modelling software – add shapes and text then combine them to gradually produce your 3D object. A few examples are provided so you can see what’s possible. Pinching and zooming to move about the canvas feels quite natural, and actually a little easier than using a mouse! Morphi simplifies many standard 3D modeling features, such as rotate, scale, merge, subtract, group/ungroup and other functions, to make it easier and more enjoyable to create in 3D.

One nice feature is the ability to take a freehand drawing and extrude it into a 3D object. You can also take flat, high contrast images from the Photo Album or Camera and create editable 3D designs.

Morphi 3D Printing on Ipad

Existing files (STL, png, jpeg) can be downloaded from Adobe Creative Cloud and used to created 3D objects in Morphi using the Photo Album. Models made in Morphi (STLs) can be uploaded to Adobe Creative Cloud and edited in Photoshop and other programs.

The app produces STL files, a standard file format for 3D models. These can then be exported from the gallery by email or by uploading to direct to Adobe Creative Cloud or your Thingiverse account for downloading to a PC for slicing and printing. .

The basic version is free, but do be aware the app has in-app purchases which may make it a problem for some schools. The full version coss £5.99 and an additional shapes pack costs £2.99. Bulk deals are available for educational establishments.

As an alternative, the Tinkercad website is free, which may be a better option for teachers. There’s also Google Sketchup. Try them all and see what you think.

Download Morphi from the App Store here.