Reach Out Reporter is a new FREE online primary science news service which helps teachers integrate topical science into everyday teaching and learning.

Reach Out Reporter engages primary school children with the wonders of the world around them using high-quality films and other learning resources. The service is updated weekly with new content and is available free of charge to all primary school teachers across the UK.

Reach Out Reporter is created through a partnership between Tigtag and Imperial College London, carrying on from their excellent Reach Out CPD site.

Reach out reporter

The content is divided into 4 different types

News Updates : Discover the latest developments in science with weekly films focussing on current news and significant world events.

Features : Take an in-depth look at a topical science story with films, activity suggestions and a scientific investigation, released every fortnight.

Videos : Answer your pupils’ curious questions and meet the craziest creatures with engaging weekly videos.

Articles + Fact Packs : Explore science-related news and facts using videos and text-based resources – new content available each week.

Stories are added regularly, and you can search the archive of stories. The amount of content available will obviously grow over time. Keep coming back to see what’s new.

Primary/Elementary teachers should definitely keep this site bookmarked, and check it reguarly for science-related news stories they can use in their lessons. Would also be good to use during registration time – maybe after break or lunch to focus on something in the news.

Reach Out Reporter is free of charge, and you can find it at