One of the larger stands I visited at BETT 2017 was the Invest Northern Ireland pavilion. Invest NI was at BETT for the first time to showcase six of the region’s upcoming edtech companies, and to promote trade with Northern Ireland.

This included:


Go-Berserk is a multi-award winning company that has developed resources to help teach real code to everyone from eight years old and up. It currently has three hard copy books dealing with HTML, CSS and Javascript. It has produced an ibook version of the HTML book and has seven videos produced by the BBC based on its HTML book. In the past few years, it has attracted sponsorship from eight leading IT companies. Go-Berserk resources are in every school in Northern Ireland and the company is now keen to share its vision and resources with the rest of the world.

TakeTen Ltd

TakeTen is an iPad based biofeedback programme for the management of emotions and behaviour. The TakeTen app is designed to help develop the skill of self-regulation; helping students to manage their emotions and improve concentration. The app uses heart rate biofeedback technology and gamifies the process of self-regulation. You can test out the app for free, but to get all the features you’ll need to subscribe.

lets take 10


MakeMatic creates bitesize videos for students and teachers. Working on behalf of clients like the BBC and Barbican, MakeMatic develops original, engaging and practical short-form video content for use in the classroom – all focused on creative and digital skills. It is also launching a new CPD platform to help educators make better use of digital tools to improve educational outcomes for their students.


Qubizm is an education company with more than 30 years’ experience in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Its first product, Izak9, is a unique, radical, immersive, multi-media rich, active learning device designed for use by children at upper primary and lower secondary level and for the delivery of teachers’ personal and professional development training. Having been in use for just under three years, Izak9 has already been validated by universites, education authorities and the schools inspectorate and is in use in 40 per cent of schools in Northern Ireland.


Synergy Learning

Synergy Learning is a leading provider of open-source learning management system solutions for educational, commercial and public organisations. With over 20 successful years, partnering with over 800 organisations, within 40 different countries, it understands how to excite, engage and empower learners.

Wholeschool Software Ltd

Wholeschool is a ground-breaking global education platform supporting:

  • Wholeschool Software – school improvement through school development planning and school self-evaluation software.
  • Wholeschool Learning – integrating with world class open source platforms including Moodle and Joomla.
  • Wholeschool Academy – world class ICT on-line training by global leading industry authors.