Chrome Music Lab from Google aims to make learning music more accessible to everyone through fun, hands-on experiments. The website provides a suite of 13 different tools for creating music.

Tools include Rhythm, where you can build up patterns to make cute creatures play the drums and Kandinsky where you paint shapes and lines to make notes.

Some of these apps, such as Sound Waves, Strings and Spectogram might also be of interest to science teachers when teaching about sound.

Just added to the toolbox is Song Maker, a simple way for anyone to make a song,just draw on the screen to create patterns. Songs can be shared with a link—there’s no need to log in or make an account. Other users can even remix on it to make their own song.

Chorme Music Lab

These tools are really easy to use, and so can be used by very young students and those who might find traditional instruments difficult to use.

The best thing about these tools are that they are browser-based and so students won’t need to install any apps to try it. This also means it works across devices—phones, tablets, chromebooks and computers.



Access the music tools at :