Padlet is a fantastic website (and app) for allowing multiple users to collaborate and share ideas in an online space. To access a padlet created by another user, you would have to know its URL or be able to scan a QR code created by the padlet owner. Well all that has now changed. The creators of Padlet have just introduced a new Broadcast feature which allows you to broadcast your padlets to other nearby mobile devices. Those devices can then access this padlet with one click. The devices don’t even need to be on the same WiFi network, just near each other.

This means that in a classroom, teachers could just send the padlet they want direct to students for them to access on their tablets (or phones if you let them!). It’s quick and easy to do, and can save a good chunk of time in the lesson.

How to broadcast your Padlet

From within the Padlet app on your Android or iOS device, open the padlet page you want to share, click the three dots in the top right corner and then select Broadcast.

Padlet Broadcast

You can then click on “Broadcast for an hour” to make your Padlet available for a limited period.

Padlet broadcast

All users nearby will now be able to see your padlet, and connect to it.

To access a broadcasted padlet

Fire up the Padlet app on an IOS device and all broadcasted padlets should show up in the join section. Click on the orange Join button to see the available padlets.


Padlet broadcast

If your students access the Padlet app without an account in guest mode, they’ll see any nearby padlets in the Join menu, along with the usual options to visit a URL or scan a QR code.

Padlet Broadcast

Currently, the tech limitations only allow broadcasting to work between mobile devices (both iOS and Android) with the latest Padlet app installed.

You cannot yet broadcast or receive a padlet from a Mac, PC, or Chromebook. For those devices you’ll stil need to use the QR code or URL to join.

It’s a great feature, and will help avoid the frustrations of having 30 children try and type in a URL correctly. Give it a try!

For a guide on how to get started in Padlet, check out my How To Guide.