Google have just released Tour Creator, which allows students, teachers, or anyone else to make their own VR tour using images from Google Street View or their own 360 photos. The tool is designed to let you produce your own quality VR content without having a steep learning curve.

To use the service, start by giving your tour a name and upload a cover photo. You can add scenes by searching through Google Maps for a place or point of interest, or upload your own 360 photos. To add via Google Maps just search for locations and drag the icon around the map. Click on Add Scene when you have the view you want.

These scenes can also contain hyperlinked Points of Interest buttons where you can add more information about the place in your photo. 

When the tour is finished, you can publish it to Google’s library of 3D content, Poly, so others can experience the tour as well. Through Poly you can also get an embed code to share it on a class or school website or VLE page.

You can view the tours in either the web browser, as immersive photos, or you can view them in Google’s simple VR viewer, Cardboard. Google have said that they will be adding the ability to import these tours into the Google Expeditions application later this year.

It’s definitely worth a look – especially if you are lucky enough to have a 360º camera that you can create your own images with, rather than just rely on Street View images. Students could create virtual tours of their own area – or they could create tours for places they have visited, or are studying. They could use the Point of Interest tool to add information they have researched about the location.

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