The social learning platform Flipgrid, has this week been bought by Microsoft, who then immediately announced that the tool will now be free to all educators. This brings it in line with Office 365 Education which is also free for schools.

If you’ve not seen Flipgrid before, it’s in essence a video discussion tool. Teachers can create a visual “grid” for a classroom with one or more topics, and students respond with short videos on browsers, tablets, smartphones, or Chromebooks.

The teacher can record and upload video starters such as an embedded YouTube or Vimeo videos. They could upload a high-res image for their students to discuss. They couldn also feature an attached file (OneNote, Google Docs, etc), document (PDF, Word, Dropbox, etc), or a link to website. This can then provide the stimulus for the student discussion.


Students can flip the camera and pause while recording with unlimited retakes. They can draw or use custom stickers to design a fun, creative selfie for the Grid. Finally, students can add a title and linked file to videos to explain in their own words what they have learned. This turns your Grid into a shared, community portfolio!

If you’ve already got a Flipgrid account you should have automatically been upgraded to Flipgrid Classroom. In addition, Microsoft is providing a refund to every educator who upgraded in the past year.

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