If you’re looking for drawing tools to use on your interactive whiteboard (or tablet) but are unable to draw anything without it looking like a mess, then Autodraw is for you.

Google describe AutoDraw as a new kind of drawing tool. It pairs machine learning with drawings from talented artists to help everyone create anything visual, fast. As you draw on the board, the AI inside Autodraw scans your artwork and compares it to drawings it already knows that have been submitted by various artists. It’ll then suggest images that best match what it thinks you’re trying to draw.

First, turn on the Autodraw tool. It looks like a pen with sparkles around it. Change the colour at this point too if you like. Then draw. As you draw the AI will try and guess what you’re trying to make and make suggestions.

Google Autodraw

Clicking on the options alongside “Did you mean” changes your image to the selected image. It’s quite fun to see how quickly Autodraw can guess what you’re trying to draw.

Google Autodraw

If you’re looking for a blank canvas to use on your Interactive Whiteboard, and don’t want all the bells and whistles of your IWB software, then it’s worth checking Autodraw out. It has lots of the basic tools you’d expect such as text, fills and more. You can turn Autodraw off if you like – there’s a regular pen you can use instead which will not be second-guessed by the AI.

While using the program you can resize the canvas by dragging the triangle handle in the bottom right corner of the canvas. You can also use the scroll bars to move up and down, or right and left if needed.

When finished, you can save a PNG file of your artwork to use elsewhere in Word, PowerPoint etc. You can also get an online sharing link.

Possible uses could include:

  • Sketch noting during lessons or meetings.
  • Illustrating a story. Perhaps one student could describe a scene for another student to draw.
  • Languages. The teacher could call out various vocabulary words in the target language and the students could draw them on their tablets.
  • Illustrating cycles such as the Water Cycle or life cycle of animals

Autodraw would be good to use with children who have problems drawing – either because of their age, special needs or lack of artistic ability! They can still feel like they’re drawing something rather than simply choosing from banks of clip-art.

Autodraw works on any device – phone, computer or tablet. And its totally free.

Check it out at www.autodraw.com

Let us know how you’ve used Autodraw in the comments below!