Band Runner is a fun game that puts children’s knowledge about online safety to the test by asking them to help characters make safe choices using characters and safety messages from the Thinkuknow Play Like Share films.

Players guide their character through school, using their guitars to eliminate all obstacles in their path. If players miss a jump or take a tumble they then need to solve an online safety dilemma to be able to continue to play.

The Band Runner game is hosted within the Play Like Share website which provides clear and practical safety advice for 8-10 year olds covering many areas of online activity, such as playing games, sharing photos, chatting and searching.

Band Runner Question

Parents and teachers can use the game as a conversation starter, to discuss issues surrounding online safety.

  • Ask them about the games, sites and apps they like to use. What do they like about them? Is there anything they don’t like?
  • Watch the Play Like Share series of videos together and discuss with the class. What they believe the main learning points of each episode to be? Can any of the safety tips be applied when they are online?
  • Make sure the class they understand that it is not safe to share personal information like their name, school, and phone number with people they meet in any games they may play online. Discuss what they need to do if anyone makes them feel uncomfortable when online. Who should they tell?
  • Help them manage the privacy settings on their apps to ensure that they are only sharing things with friends they know and trust in real life. If they like sharing photos or videos with people they know in real life discuss safer ways they could do this e.g. sending via email, messaging service or private link.

You can watch the Play Like Share animations with your class by clicking ‘Watch’ in the main menu of the Thinkuknow website for 8-10 year olds.

For more online safety advice, check out this post for parents and teachers.