Get the most from your SMARTBoard

I’ve taken all of the guides and ideas that I use on my SMARTboard training sessions, and put them together into one book.

This book will give you many quick and easy practical ways to get the very best from your SMARTboard. Step-by-step tutorials walk you through the process of making fun and engaging resources. There are ideas for all age ranges and subject areas.

You can become a whizz with your whiteboard with these easy tutorials.

You can buy a copy of Get the Most from your Smartboard as a paper book, pdf and ebook here.

Get the most from your smartboard

The Best of the Whiteboard Blog

The Whiteboard Blog was set up in December 2007 as a way of sharing ideas to support teachers using their interactive whiteboards in the classroom.

As well as interactive whiteboards it also covers other educational technologies that would be of interest to teachers such as digital storytelling and other “web 2.0” tools.

“The Best of the Whiteboard Blog” contains the very best articles from the first three years of the blog collated and put together into one handy document. It is chock full of ideas and useful links to help you to make the best use of your interactive whiteboard.

You can obtain an ebook version, or an A4 printed version.

Buy The Best of The Whiteboard Blog here: (electronic book / printed version)

About Danny Nicholson

Danny Nicholson is an independent trainer and consultant. He is a former science teacher and now delivers ICT and science training to teachers all over the UK and overseas. He is an accredited interactive whiteboard trainer on both Smart and Promethean whiteboards and has delivered many successful courses on their use in the classroom. He has also delivered IWB training in corporate environments as well as the military.  In addition he is also a science PGCE lecturer working with student teachers at both primary and secondary level.

Danny has written teaching and training materials for many different publishers, including Heinemann, Serif and Learn Premium.