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I love to hear about brand new websites, apps and tools for use in the classroom. If you have one of those then please let me have the details and I’ll try and get a blog post about it.

If your app is a paid-for app then letting me have a download code really helps.

If time permits, I’m happy to do product reviews. Please contact me for details on how to get your product to me.

I’m not really interested in general purpose educational press-releases.

Guest Posts

So here’s the thing…

While it’s great that you’ve produced this excellent post or infographic, I won’t post them here, so please don’t send them to me. I’m also not interested in anything that links to online degree websites.

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I’m more than happy to consider display advertising from both big and small companies as long as it fits with the general theme of this blog.  If you want a banner ad in the sidebar then please get in touch.

This site averages 40,000 hits per month. I have over 10,00 Twitter followers and a Klout score of 57.

I’m less interested in paid-for content or text links.

Training and Consultancy

I am more than happy to come to your workplace and deliver training on Interactive Whiteboards and other technology in the classroom. For more information, go here.