A couple of quick links for a Friday.

Firstly – if you haven’t already gone there, check out Teachers Love Smartboards. James has some great posts about using Smartboards in the classroom. He also posts links to some excellent websites that can be used on any board, not just Smartboards. One of my favourites from his recent posts has been this link to a great animation tool called Kerpoof! It’s well worth a visit.

Also, via the TES forum I found a link to a great resource for secondary Science called Freezeray. The site has plenty of interactive activities that cover various aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and would be great for some extra reinforcement during a lesson. Again, since they are written in Flash they will work on any IWB.

The BBC have produced a great site to accompany a forthcoming TV show called The Brainbox Challenge. Plenty of interactive Flash games that will work well on any IWB.

For an online Brainstorm tool, check out Bubbl.us this will allow you to create brainstorms/mind maps/concept maps on your IWB. If you register you can save and recall previous diagrams and best of all, its all free!

And finally – for Geography teachers, Oxfam have an education area on their website containing the marvellous Mapping Our World resource. This resource works with maps and globes to transform pupils’ understanding of the world it allows pupils to flatten a globe, turn a map into a globe, and merge different map projections. It’s suitable for students age 8-14 (KS2/KS3). Mapping Our World has won several awards, and it’s not hard to see why.