I just found this post on the Smart Exchange forum by Quentin D’Souza of teachinghacks.com. He has written a fab little flash tool that you can add to a Smart Notebook page which will let you browse the internet within Notebook itself.

You can add it to the My Content area of your Gallery, and drag it onto a page whenever you want to use it. It’s PC only for now, see the note from JoeS about it not working properly on Macs.

The instructions to use it are as follows:

a) To Bring Into Notebook

  1. Right-Click on http://www.teachinghacks.com/files/Browser.swf and select ‘Save Target As” and place on your desktop
  2. Open up Smart Notebook
  3. In Notebook – Select from Insert Menu “Flash File” and then locate the “Browser.swf” on your desktop
  4. Drag the SWF in your Notebook file to your Gallery.

b) To Use:

  1. Click on the Browser to Activate it
  2. Enter the url and select enter.
  3. Default Web Browser Opens to the Web Page You Entered.

Thanks Quentin for sharing this!