I’ve been hearing about the Flip video from teachers across the pond via Twitter for a few weeks or so. They’re now available in the UK.

The flip video is a small handheld camcorder with 2GB of on-board memory. It can take up to 60 minutes of video in 640×480 resolution.

The best bit is that it has a “flip out” USB connector so it can plug straight into a USB slot on your computer. Ideal for using with laptops with easily accessible ports. So no messing with docks and cables.

It’s not going to replace the need for decent camcorders for decent quality recording. But as a fun handheld camera to give out to pupils to record video around the school, to take on field trips, or to film experiments or new reports it would be ideal. It’s going up against the Digital Blue and ToughCams, and if its robust enough, should take them on very well indeed.

They retail for just under £100 each so buying a few for class use wouldn’t break the bank.

I haven’t got my hands on one yet, but they certainly look like something that’s worth investigating further.

More info on the Flip website, and also from these resellers: