Four quick links to share, rather than blitz 4 new posts.

1. Hunkins Experiments: Loads of ideas for Science experiments you can do in the home or in the classroom. Good for inspiration. Worth a look.

2. Wonder Boards – IWB’s in action: A summary of several of the main IWB’s on the market. Mainly a case study of each board being used in a different school rather than weighing up the pros and cons of each system, but take a read anyway.

3. Florida Citizens for Science – Stick Figure Contest: A quick head’s up about a science competition that may be fun to try with your students. Create a stick figure cartoon about why Science is important (for under 12s) or about the truth behind a false argument (for over 12s)

4. The Big Picture – Alasksa’s Mt Redoubt: On March 22nd, 2009, Alaska’s Mount Redoubt, began a series of volcanic eruptions spewing dust and ash over a large area. The Big Picture continues it’s excellent series of images with a set covering the eruption. If you want some up-to-date images of volcanoes for geography or for an Earth Science lesson, then there are some very impressive ones here.