The world of Web 2.0 is full of odd new words such as Wiki or Blog and old words with new meanings such as Tweet or Twitter. For some people this swarm of new terminologies can be a bit daunting. And I am not going to help by adding another word to the mix – Ning.

Ning’s don’t seem to get as much coverage as blogs or wikis. Mention Ning in a training course and I get a lot of blank looks (or panicked looks from those that have just got up to speed on blogs and wikis and have another word to worry about).

A Ning is basically a very simple way of producing your own social network. You can create a space and have a forum, blog, friends lists etc. For teachers who want to set up a discussion area to supplement a course it could be an interesting option – it may be slightly more suited to your needs than a wiki or a blog. And like blogs and wikis, you can sign up for a your own Ning for free. All you need to do is head over to and sign up.

Users of Interactive Whiteboards will benefit from signing up to a great Ning called IWB Revolution. Set up by Chris Betcher, the IWB Revolution Ning covers all aspects of teaching with Interactive Whiteboards. It’s free to join, and I would strongly recommend you do so if IWB’s interest you.

Other Nings that are worth getting involved with are Classroom2.0 which covers all aspects of using new technologies in the classroom, and Smart Board Revolution which, as the name suggests, is geared to towards Smart Board users in the main.

If you have never heard of a Ning before, now’s your chance to check them out!