Just a quick heads up. Due to problems with the Smart Response update patch, Smart have taken down the download page until they can fix the issues in versioning and languages.  The versioning is specific to any file created in 9.7, saved in NB SP1 and then opened in SP2.  The language issue makes NB perform inconsistently when used with an OS in another language.

From the Exchange forum here:

We’ve had to pull the Notebook Software SP2 packages off our website due to the problem I have outlined in both the Technical Support and the Notebook Software 10 subforums.  This extends to SMART Response due to the fact that it is bundled with Notebook Software 10 SP2, and we are unable to offer a standalone download for just the SMART Response software as it requires Notebook SP2 to function correctly.

I ask of anyone looking to download the new software to be patient for the time being while we work on applying an emergency fix to the software so that this doesn’t happen any longer.

If you did upgrade, don’t panic, the chances are things will mostly be ok but you will get error messages when opening NB files created previous to the upgrade

So keep an eye on the Smart website, forum (and of course this blog) and as soon as the download is back up online Smart will let us know.