Foreign languages, I am ashamed to say, are not one of my strong points. I did scrape B’s at GCSE in French and German, but I am not very good. I can order a beer in most languages though. I was asked recently if I could run a Smartboard training day in France, in French which my wife thought was most amusing. I didn’t take up the offer, “Voici le tableu blanc” is about as much as I could muster. And I don’t even know if that’s correct 🙂

Anyway, here are some useful sites that could be used to teach Modern Foreign Languages on your Interactive Whiteboard. If you can recommend any others, please put them in the comments!


Drag words onto photographs to describe the scene or mood. The default language is english, but could be used in other languages in freestyle mode.

Word magnets

This resource from Triptico could again have uses in many different subjects since it is quite open-ended. Use it to create drag and drop sentences in your chosen language.

MFL Sunderland

Some excellent resources from a group of MFL teachers in Sunderland. Contains resources for all key stages in French, German, Spanish and Italian. Worth a visit.

Teachers TV MFL Resources

I often forget to check Teachers TV for resources, but there are quite a few on there for many different subjects. These videos are designed to be used in class and would be perfect on the IWB. Register for a free account and you can download them to your computer. Remember to play full-screen!

WatchKnow – videos

Simple videos to introduce languages at Primary level. Includes pronunciation guides. Like this one:

Newbury Park – Language of the month

Short video clips that would be ideal to introduce different languages in Primary schools from Newbury Park school in Ilford.

Ashcombe School – GCSE French Videos

Some very useful videos here for french teaching from Ashcombe School in Surrey. Also check out their Primary MFL resources. Videos are a little small, but come with a quiz. May be better for self-study rather than IWB use. Right click on the video to play it full-screen.

Anna Graingers – MFL Resources

Visit Anna Graingers site for powerpoints, game templates and worksheets.

CrickWeb Spanish / French

Crickweb has a wealth of great resources for all subjects, and that includes languages.  Check out their KS2 Spanish and French resources.

Northumberland Grid MFL

Northumberland Grid for Learning has some very good primary MFL resources that are well worth a look. Including traditional story books in different languages.

If you have a Smartboard, they also have some year 1-4 Smartboard files to download.

BBC Learning Zone clips

The BBC is always a good place to look for video resources for classroom teaching. They have videos on all subjects, including French, German and Spanish at both Primary and Seconday level.

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge…

Bleu, Blanc, Rouge is a website for teachers wishing to access resources for teaching French in the Primary School. The site contains songs & rhymes, language games, art & seasonal ideas, tongue twisters, recipes & links to French stories on the net.

World of Teaching

Lots of powerpoints to adapt and adopt for language teaching (and other subjects)

Also don’t forget that Smartboard users can use the Notebook search tool to find language resources. And Promethean users should check out Promethean Planet.

For a full list of sites for MFL teaching that I’ve found, check out my Delicious list on:

If you know any other good ones – please comment on this article and let me know!