Here’s a new site that you might be interested in if you are looking for games to play on your interactive whiteboard: Primary Games Arena

While I’m a little uncomfortable about a site repacking other people’s material on their own site, you can’t doubt there’s a tonne of useful games to be found here.

Personally I think that linking to someone elses resource in this way is depriving the original sites of visitors and in some cases banner ad revenue, so I would always suggest you go and visit the originator of the games to show your appreciation.(and if they have banner ads, click one to help them!)

But with this said, the Primary Games Arena does make it convenient to find games for all subjects and it looks like a future addition will be Schemes of Work searches.

So take a look at Primary Games Arena, but remember to go visit the people who actually made the games too – like Crickweb, ICT Games and Manchester Childrens University.