I’ve written about Aviary before. If you haven’t seen it, Aviary provides a suite of online tools that allows you to take screengrabs and edit / host images. For free.

Twitter has been buzzing this week with talk of their latest addition to their application suite. They’ve called it Myna, and this time they are entering the world of music and audio editing.

Again, the application runs in a browser window – so nothing needs to be installed on your computer. Just visit the Aviary website, click on Audio Editor and off you go.


The software allows for multi-track editing. A wide range of audio loops are provided in different musical styles from Rock to Electronica.

In addition you can import your own sound files and also record your own straight into the application.

Using Myna, it would be very simple to produce your own Podcasts or music mixes, much in the same way that you could with Audacity or Garageband.

Once saved – you can “Mixdown” your creation and share it with others via the Aviary site. This would be a good way of hosting your podcasts, which can sometimes be tricky. Aviary provides a link to the hosting page, or you can use an embed code to put it into your blog/VLE.

Like this:

Myna is free, but you can upgrade to a pro account for $25 or so.

I’m very impressed so far. And will be interested to see how many people make use of this instead of something like Audacity. I do like the free music samples which can give students a very quick startup time if you just want them to look at how to mix different tracks together.

Here’s a quick guide that Aviary put together to demonstrate Myna:

Myna is well worth checking out. And the rest of the Aviary suite too. Go take a look now! http://aviary.com/