With the 2010 Winter Olympics taking place in Vancouver/Whistler in a few weeks time, the eyes of the world will turn to Canada. With that in mind, Promethean have produced a great resource pack to teach your students all about Canada. This pack is for Activ Inspire only.

This resource pack contains 140 resources on the topic of Canada that can be used in your flipcharts. They are organised into four different folders:

  • Canadian Dollars- images of 13 notes or coins.
  • Flags- 14 flags of Canada including provinces and territories
  • Maps- 67 maps of Canada, territories, great lakes and more
  • Photos and Symbols- includes national anthem of Canada, polar bears, maple leaves, hockey and much more.

Download the pack from the Promethean Planet website here.

Edit – Also keep an eye on Ollie Bray’s blog as he lists various different ways to use the Olympics in your teaching.