As a companion post to 10 Primary Science ideas for your Whiteboard, here are 10 secondary school Science websites you might enjoy:

Absorb Learning from Yenka : Hundreds of free IWB animations for KS4/KS5 Chemistry and Physics.

ARKive :  thousands of free wildlife videos and photographs, including great Darwin resources.

FreezeRay : large bank of interactive Science animations for KS3 and Ks4.

Periodic Table of Videos : videos of all the different elements of the periodic table.

Centre of the Cell : cell biology interactive resources. : excellent science animations and interactives for KS3/4 Science.

PhET – interactive simulations : fun, java-based physics simulations.

Astronomy Picture of the Day : provide the Wow factor with some of these images.

KScience – animations for KS3/4 Science.

Biology in Motion – animations for KS4/5 Biology.

Image Credit – Beetle Head by MuseumWales