There’s nothing better than playing with an art program on an interactive whitboard and literally drawing with your finger. It really works like a massive graphics tablet. And there are some excellent, free, online drawing packages. Some are quite simple, and others really mimic real-world art materials.

For the entire list, check out my Delicious page under Art + IWB, but here are a few of my favourites:

Sumopaint: This is an excellent resource – a free, fully featured paint package in your browser.Very impressive.

Sketchpad : Another paint package demonstrating the capability of the new HTML5 – this doesn’t use Flash, which is quite interesting. If that last sentence made no sense, don’t panic. Just have a play and paint something!

Livebrush is another free paint package, that should work well on an IWB. The size of the brush stroke depends on the speed you drag across the page, the faster you go the broader the brush stroke. Needs Adobe Air, so check you can install it at school.


Dreezle: A simple, java-based paint application.

Aviary : A fantastic site. Aviary contains a stack of great free tools, it even has a sound editor!

Sketch : The brush tool gives a really realistic effect and you can alter lots of different variables if you want – or just paint away!

Crayola Digi-Colour: Choose from a variety of Crayola products including crayons, pencils and stamps. If you want to do something more off-line then there are colouring pages to print out as well. The Crayola site also has a lot of information for teachers including lesson plans here.

Bomomo : I love this. It’s brilliant for making abstract drawings. Some of the pens are really fun. Quite hypnotic to watch

Imagination Cubed : This has been around a while, but it’s still really fun. You can even collaborate with friends on a joint drawing.

Splashup : An online paint package very similar to Sumo Paint.  ( There’s also a Lite version too for netbooks and less powerful computers)

Mondrimat : Create blocks of colour in the style of Piet Mondrian.

This is Sand : Another odd, but very hypnotic application. Make pictures by piling up sand. Fun.

As a bonus, check out Artpad – a quick and simple paint package. Share and see what others have painted in the gallery.

Have fun!