Those very clever people over at 2Simple have revamped their online tools to produce a new resource called Purple Mash. Purple Mash is an exciting mash up of the creative Online Tools, curriculum focussed APPtivities and programs to support and inspire children throughout the curriculum!

The good news is that there is “free-range mash” that is open to everyone, which means you can try it out and generally have a play with the tools.

If you like it, there is “gourmet mash” for those schools that purchase an annual licence. If you do that, you will also get the suite of Online Tools, plus Simple City, 2Type, Maths Games, 2Investigate online and more! Prices start at £500 for a one-year licence

To find out more about 2Simples Purple Mash, visit Anthony Evan’s blog and take a look at the short video tour he’s posted there.

2Simple have always made fantastic software for Early Years and Key Stage 1, and Purple Mash looks like it is continuing this great tradition.