More Etherpad clones

As we head towards the May 14th deadline when Etherpad will close, it’s worthwhile keeping tabs on other sites that are hosting the open-source Etherpad code.

Two new ones to join the list are:

Type with Me :

and TitanPad :

These join other Etherpads such as Primary Pad and iEtherpad, amongst others.

A full list of other Etherpad sites can be found here:

Author: bogge1

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  1. Etherpad was some truly innovative technology. We at Cynapse really loved it and are taking it ahead with

    We have introduced an Adobe AIR based desktop to easily create and access notes from the desktop itself. The advantage of using AIR is that it works on Windows, Mac as well as Linux. We have also worked on the sharing of the ‘note’ (as we call it in Users can invite collaborators from their social networks on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to co-edit the note.

    Do check it out here:

    I’d love to hear your feedback.

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