LabSkills is an interactive software resource designed to help teachers and their students get more out of chemistry laboratory sessions at A-level and GCSE levels.

Available as a USB stick, a teacher can use the material to prepare students for a laboratory session. LabSkills supports and encourages the student and enhances the practical work. It is not designed to be a substitute for practical work in science. It can however play an important role in promoting best practice in lab skills in a stimulating and engaging way.

This resource helps to develop problem-solving skills and encourage a life-long learning approach to education. Created by Learning Science and the University of Bristol, and promoted through the Discover Chemistry Programme run by the RSC and Pfizer, these resources are available to all state secondary schools and FE colleges across the UK throughout the spring and summer of 2010, free of charge. One USB stick for each school or college.

Schools can register to receive the free resources at Register now to receive your resources before the end of term. Any teacher or technician can register their school.

Schools that do not qualify for the FREE Resources can purchase them from at a cost of £34.99 per USB stick.