SMART have recently announced that their SMART Notebook Express web application is now available globally and is no longer in beta. SMART Notebook Express is a lightweight version of their SMART Notebook collaborative learning software

SMART Notebook Express enables educators to open, edit, save and share .notebook files from anywhere, at any time, regardless of whether they have access to the Internet. Depending on their needs, users can access SMART Notebook Express online by visiting or offline by downloading SMART Notebook Express to their desktops.

Both versions offer the same intuitive user interface. Educators who do not otherwise have access to SMART Notebook software will now be able to use SMART Notebook Express to open and interact with SMART Notebook lessons for use in their classrooms and to share those lessons with colleagues, students and parents.

Smart Notebook Express

SMART Notebook Express allows for simple editing of Notebook files with the following features:

  • Online or offline – Open, edit and save .notebook files from anywhere, at any time, whether online or via a downloaded desktop application
  • Platform agnostic Works with Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems
  • Save function Save SMART Notebook files to your computer, including any new content you’ve added or changes you’ve made to the pages
  • Page Sorter View SMART Notebook software pages as thumbnails and reorder the pages of any presentation by simply dragging and dropping the thumbnails
  • Text-editing tool Add or edit text and change the font style, color and size
  • Pen tool Highlight information or write over SMART Notebook files with digital ink using a variety of colors and line styles
  • Object manipulation Select and move or delete any object on a SMART Notebook software page
  • Multiple languages Available in U.S. and UK English, Spanish, French, German and Italian
  • Create new pages or files Add new pages to any SMART Notebook file, or create a new file
  • Multimedia support – Open and view Adobe® Flash® files, video, audio and object animations

Also – with the release of SMART Notebook 10.7 (expected March) there will be support for the common whiteboard format .iwb files.

It’s a very handy application to have bookmarked – especially for those teachers who want to access their Smart files from home and who haven’t installed the software for whatever reason. It’s also useful to point pupils there so they can open notebooks produced in a lesson for revision purposes.