Yesterday I attended the E2BN conference in Bedfordshire. One of the workshops I attended was by Oscar Stringer of Animation for Education. It was a fun workshop and gave me some more ideas for using animation in the classroom.

The software we used was Zu3D which was pretty easy to get to grips with very quickly. You can download a demo version for free from the Zu3D website. If you like it a single version licence costs only £29.99. Site licences are also available.

It’s a great bit of software which has all the features you’d expect¬† – onion skinning, variable frame rate, copy/past frames and simple playback to review the work so far.


We very quickly made a simple animation from a few lumps of plasticene. The software made it easy to add sound effects and credits and title without having to use other software such as Movie Maker. Several sounds can be layered on top of each other

Here’s what our group made in about 15 minutes:

For some resources to help your class plan an animation, check out the animation for education website and also the learning tools section of the Zu3D website.

For some inspiration for classroom ideas – check out this YouTube channel :