The Faculties is a free educational resource for secondary schools and aimed particularly at A-level students and teachers. The website provides short films of university lecturers speaking on topics drawn from the A-level curriculum in Maths, English, Biology, Psychology, Chemistry and History. There are currently over 300 podcasts on the site, with more to follow.

The faculties

In bringing the expertise of research scholars into the classroom, the aim of the site is to encourage deeper learning, stretch and inspire students and help them make a successful transition to university.  In addition to the podcasts, there is information that helps students compare University departments across the country and choose the best one for them.

The site aims to differ from sites such as YouTubeEdu and iTunes U in that these sites contain recordings of lectures delivered to undergraduate students. Whereas on The Faculties, the recordings are specially designed for the A-level classroom. All the topics have been provided by the major exam boards and by teachers and so consequently, they are more directly relevant to the A-level curriculum.

It’s an interesting idea, and would definitely be worth exploring for potential revision resources.

Videos are hosted directly on the site, and not pulled in from YouTube which should avoid filtering issues in some schools. Videos can be downloaded, but only on request. Videos can still be embedded into VLE’s etc, and linked to directly.

It would be useful to be able to download a transcript of each video, and also have subtitles for hearing impaired students.

Take a look for yourself at