When I want to share a YouTube video in a presentation I will usually hyperlink direct to the YouTube page of the video, but the problem with that method is a lot of teachers don’t want to display any of the other stuff on the video page, such as comments and adverts. Embedding the video directly into their PowerPoint slide gets round that issue since you are only showing the video itself.

In PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 you should be able to embed the video directly into the slide using the YouTube embed code. It’s pretty painless. Here’s the way to do it.

First go to YouTube and find your video. Below the video, click on the Share button to reveal the direct hyperlink. You can use this to add a link to the video page if you wish.

Insert YouTube video into powerpoint

Next to the address, you should see an Embed button.

Insert YouTube video into powerpoint

Click the Embed button to reveal the embed code. Make sure you click on the Use Old Embed Code option.

Insert YouTube video into powerpoint

Highlight this code and copy it (right click, copy or CTRL+C).

Switch to PowerPoint and create a new slide. On the ribbon, click on Insert then Video then Video from Web Site.

Insert YouTube video into powerpoint

Paste the embed code into the window which appears.

Insert YouTube video into powerpoint

A black box will appear on the page to show how big the video will be on the page. Drag this to make it bigger. Run the show to see it play, and check that it works.

This method is preferable to downloading and saving the video, which puts you in breach of the YouTube terms and conditions. It does mean you need to have a live internet connection to display the video though.

If your school has signed up to a video service such as Channel 4 Clipbank or Espresso Education, you can also get this to work with their embed codes too.

Note – I have found that some versions of PowerPoint do not have the Insert Video from Web Site option. I am investigating what you need to do to activate that feature. Check with the version you have in school to make sure it works. If anyone knows why there are some differences, let me know in the comments below.