Common Sense Media is a comprehensive website that provides information for teachers and parents to help keep kids safe online.

It provides reviews and ratings for movies, apps and websites that inform parents/teachers how suitable they are for children and lets them know of any issues to be aware of.

As well as that, the site has a wealth of information aimed specifically for teachers with their Media and Technology resources for teachers section.  This section provides free resources to help teach about e-safety.

One of the highlights of the site is their FREE Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum. The relevant, ready-to-use instruction helps you guide students to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions in the digital world where they live, study and play.

Resources are available for students of all ages (US K-12) Common Sense Media

If you are looking for ready-to use teaching materials to help deliver e-safety lessons then this website is well worth a look. You can browse the teaching plans without registering, but you will need to register with the site if you want to download the resource packs. It’s free to do so.

Take a look here :