When carrying out project work with students, it is important to know the rules regarding copyright and creative commons images. It is especially important in coursework where students are expected to keep a log of images they have used and credit all their sources.

Here is a handy module of work on Creative Commons from Serif that would be useful to direct your students towards. There’s also a handy resource on the P2PU website called Get CC Savvy. I’ve also produced a printable guide to Creative Commons, and some sources of images and sounds.

Dyrhólaey Puffin

To help find creative commons images, there are several tools which will let you search Flickr for CC images. My Favourite is FlickrCC – enter a tag to search for and it will return a load thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail to see more information and to visit the original page on Flickr.

Here are some other good search engines that you can use to find creative commons images from Flickr:

You can also use the advanced image search feature of Google Image Search to get it to check for licences and only return images that are covered for reuse, or commercial use. Go to Image Search and look for the “advanced search” button. Or click here. Once there, change the usage rights to “free to use or share” as shown below:


The creative commons website also lists a stack of other image sites here. You can also use the search engine provided by Creative Commons.org : http://search.creativecommons.org/

You can also use the Wikimedia Commons, plenty of images there that are covered by a creative commons licence : http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

Happy Searching!