Espresso Coding is the new site from digital content providers Espresso Education that teaches pupils to code and make their own apps to share with their friends and parents.

With an inclusive wide-ranging Scheme of Work, the Espresso Coding platform provides teachers with coverage of the new coding aspects of the updated Computing curriculum for Year 1 to Year 6.


The platform will teach pupils how to create and publish their own apps and games using simple drag and drop components, in a manner very similar to other tools pupils will be familiar with, such as Scratch. It will stretch upper primary children by offering the option to code using elements of JavaScript.

Espresso coding works through the browser, so can be accessed at home as well as school. It works with Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome and Safari but will not work in Firefox. It is iPad-friendly, and can even be set up to detect tilts to allow pupils to create games that can be interacted with by moving the iPad.

Espresso coding

Published apps can be shared through a section of a bespoke website dedicated to your school. A sharing URL can be used to share the finished program with friends and parents.

I really like the look of the site, and the way it is structured to walk pupils (and teachers!) through from very simple activities in Year 1 up to the far more advanced games in Year 6. I understand an open-sandbox mode will also be introduced when it is launched to allow for the pupils to create whatever they like.

Espresso Coding will eventually be a subscription resource, but it is FREE for an extended period until October 31st 2014. You can access the trial site at, take a look and see what you think.