Popplet is a really simple to use brainstorming tool. With Popplet children can quickly jot down their ideas and sort them visually.

A popplet is a big pinboard that you can put boxes or “popples” onto. A popple is container that holds text, photos, and other interesting things such as Google Map or YouTube video. The whole thing was very simple to use, it was very easy to get started. There is also a Popplet website, so you can work on the same popplets both on an ipad and on your desktop by setting up a free account.

If you want to share your Popplet with others, you can add other users via email – they will then have access to the board and can add to it. You can also embed Popplets into your blog or Wiki.

Popplet Brainstorming Tool

It’s also possible to export your finished Popplet as a pdf or jpg file which would also make it handy for sharing across a VLE or inserting into other documents.

Like other brainstorming tools, for teachers this could be another tool for creating revision mind maps or asking pupils to show how much they know about a given topic at the beginning/end of a unit. Or simply for collating ideas.

Popplet Lite is free and gives access to single board. The full, paid version of Popplet is only £2.99.