Code Kingdoms is a fun website that teaches coding skills in a way that’s engaging for kids. Kids use real JavaScript code to design their own game worlds and then challenge friends to complete them.

Currently the site offers two different sections, with each providing different styles of play.  One section allows children to play simple levels, controlling a character to move around and solve problems. The second section allows children to create their own Kingdoms, much like Minecraft.  In both sections, children begin to use real Javascript to create their own games.

Code Kingdoms runs in the web browser, and so will run fine on iPads & Android tablets. It’s free to use, and easy to set up teacher and child logins.

Their lesson plans and resources are tied directly to the new Computing curriculum enabling teachers to use Code Kingdoms purposefully in their classrooms. You can download them for free here. If you’re in London you can even get someone from Code Kingdoms to visit your school to deliver a free workshop!

The site is still in development, but there’s a lot there already for children to use.

Take a look here and see what you think