Riddle is a new website that allows teachers and students to quickly create their own PlayBuzz and Buzzfeed-style quizzes, lists, polls, and more.

Riddle¬†makes it quick and easy to create powerful, interactive content – even from a smartphone. Even better, it’s free


There are several different things you can create with Riddle.

  • Polls: A simple tool to get a quick snapshot of opinion. Vote for option A, B etc.
  • Commenticle: Find and share any great article, then get your readers’ opinion.
  • Lists: These are easy to create. 10 facts about the Romans, 5 properties of a solid etc. Would be great for revision – even better if the students create their own and share!
  • Quizzes: Test your students’ knowledge of anything.
  • Personality tests:Perfect for history and social studies – student or teachers could research and create “What is Your Medieval Alter Ego?”¬†or “Which Henry VIII wives would you be?

Embed codes can be created to allow them to be embedded into a class blog or VLE page.

Here’s an example poll:

Teachers can create these for the students, but some of them would also be great to put into the hands of the students themselves to see what they could create. The Lists for example would be great for revision or plenary activities: “5 things I’ve learned about mountains” etc.

You can access Riddle here.

Let me know what you think in the comments.