Prowise users should be aware that Prowise Presenter has had a facelift and the new version (v6) is now live and better than ever. For those that have not yet taken a look at Prowise, now is the time!

Prowise Presenter is browser-based interactive whiteboard software that stores your files in the cloud. This means there’s nothing to install and you always have your files with you. If you’re teaching in a school with multiple whiteboard formats – or want to try a different platform – then Prowise is worth checking out.

Prowise is free so it won’t cost you anything to test it out. Licences are available which give you more space for files should you wish.


Changes to ProConnect

One of the strengths of Prowise is the ProConnect feature built into presenter. This allows you to share your screen with student devices either through a browser (go to or via a Proconnect app. This allows for quizzes and polling. You can also share your screen, the students can add annotations and send it back to you. It works really well!

New with v6 is a live mindmapping tool. Once you’ve fired it up, students can connect via their devices. They can suggest words which then appear down the side of the screen. The teacher can then drag them onto the mindmap. This would be great for brainstorming as a class.

ProConnect also has better user management features, and will let you connect direct to individual devices.

Prowise mindmap

Prowise Desktop App for Windows and Mac

Although Prowise Presenter can run through a browser, you might prefer to have it as an actual standalone app for PC and Mac. This gives the advantage of being able to create local files when you’re not connected to the internet. It also comes with a great inbuilt set of annotation tools – including desktop capture. Download the desktop app here.


New Presenter tools

There are new tools as part of Presenter too. The Mindmapping tool can also be used without ProConnect, plus there are tools like Open Memory, Find a Word and more.

Prowise tools

Updated Apps

Prowise can run through a browser, but there are also Presenter and Proconnect apps available for iOS and Android. If you already have these apps then you’ll need to do an update before you can use them with the new Presenter. Download the apps here.

Dropbox and other cloud services

With a (paid) Pro account, you will be given unlimited storage capacity for your flipcharts in the Cloud. If you like, you can also link this with services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Files can also be saved locally if you want to store elsewhere.

Data Security

Because files and data are stored in the cloud, privacy and data security is also important. Prowise has a strict privacy standard has been even more closely refined so that it meets the highest standards. All data processing completely meets all the legislation and regulations regarding protection of personal privacy, especially the Personal Data Protection Act, the Telecommunications Act, and EU Safe Harbor.

It’s an impressive bit of software. It’ll work on any brand of interactive whiteboard or interactive projector. If you’re unhappy with your current bundled software then this is definitely worth investigating.

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