Just showing your class a video isn’t always the most effective strategy. Children often watch without reall thinking about what the video is demonstrating or explaining to them. Without a clear aim to showing the video, it can become just digital wallpaper. So how can you use the video in a engaging and effective way?

Discovery Education’s Spotlight on Strategies are a bank of different ideas for using videos and other digital media in the classroom. They provide ideas to focus the children on important information while playing a video as part of a lesson.

According to Discovery, they “are creative, research-based instructional strategies, created by teachers for teachers. These simple instructional strategies incorporate digital media in meaningful, effective, and practical ways.”

There are currently over 60 different strategy ideas available.


For example, the AEIOU strategy requires children to focus on:

A = Adjective: List a word or two that describes something you saw or learned
E = Emotion: Describe how a particular part of the segment made you feel
I = Interesting: Write something you found interesting about the content/topic
O = Oh!: Describe something that caused you say “Oh!”
U = Um?: Write a question about something you learned or want to learn more about

Or maybe you could show the video with the sound muted, and ask the children if they can work out what is going on?

There are some great ideas here, and the SoS site is well worth a few minutes of your time to explore some of the strategies and bookmark a few to try yourself the next time you use a video in your lesson.

Check out the full Spotlight on Strategies list here.