Classroom Screen is a handy set of teaching apps that you can use on your interactive whiteboard. It gives you several great tools at your fingertips. These include a mini whiteboard, timer, name picker and more.

Classroom Screen

There are two drawing tools. The first one turns the whole page into a drawing pad which includes graph paper grids and writing lines.  The second button brings up a smaller, floating, drawing window. The tools are basic, but good enough if all you want to do is a quick annotation. Click on the + and – in the top left corner to change the pen size. drawing tools

The random name picker allows you to pick a student at random. Good for asking questions. You can load a save .txt files with the class names in to save time. Press the save icon and you will get a .txt file. You can load that file or another .txt file. This tool also gives you access to some random dice. Click on the dice icon at the top of the name picker to switch to dice mode. You can roll one, two or three dice at a time.

The countdown timer is a simple timer you can use to stop class activities from running too long. Set the time with the + and – buttons then click the play button to start counting down. Click on the stopwatch icon in the top right corner to turn it into a stopwatch instead.

Classroom screen comes with a sister website called Exit Poll which lets you get feedback from the students. Leave it up as they walk out of the classroom, and they can click on one of the smiley faces. Or you could have classroom screen running on a tablet which is passed around the room.

The QR code tool is quite useful. Type in a web address in the box, and the QR code for that URL will be displayed. Students could then zap that code with their QR app on a tablet and go straight to that site.

It’s a handy little website. The tools are basic, but sometimes that’s all you need. Nothing needs to be installed, if you have internet access you can get onto Classroom Screen. It’s not possible to save the screen if you close your browser, but it only takes a minute to get everything set back up when you return to it at the start of a lesson.

There’s a few other tools that are also worth playing with. Take a look for yourself at

Hat tip to UK Edchat for the heads up about Classroom Screen.