One of the highlights of the BETT exhibition for me was ShooFly. This is a small independent company, their stand was tucked away upstairs at the exhibition, but I was really impressed with the quality of their resources.

They have already won several awards, and last week also received some interesting news coverage which has helped to raise the profile of the company.

A lot of companies are beginning to produce electronic resources to be used on Interactive Whiteboards. But a lot of these are either the equivalent of a powerpoint presentation or bigscreen games. Both of these have a place in the market but what ShooFly have produced is something that is much more than this.

At a basic level they produce big books or animated stories using Flash to provide the interactivity. These on their own are great and some of them, especially the secondary resource Angel Boy is amazingly atmospheric and visually brilliant.

But what you also get with ShooFly resources is a massive bank of additional material for the teacher to use. Smart Notebook and Promethean Flipchart files of the book pages as well as clipart galleries of all the images used which can be used in any application. They also come with a teachers guide and activity pack that puts the resource into a cross-curricular context with links to many other subjects.

They also have a website called Shoo Fly Pie which gives some free resources which you can download to use on your own whiteboards. Well worth a visit.

My particular favourite is the one that caused all the fuss in the press last week: The Three Little Cowboy Builders. I had never seen anyone attempt to make a 3D PopUp book on an IWB before, and it works brilliantly. The story is very funny too with the Three Little Pigs building their houses before the Big Bad Housing Inspector comes round…. great stuff.