One of the things on show at the recent ASE conference was a new website/portal called E-TC3. The name comes from Education = Teachers Collaborating, Communicating and Connecting and the idea is that this will become a portal that will house a wealth of resources for teachers and reduce the need for us to have to reinvent the wheel.

The driving force behind the project is Eugene Brunet, a deputy head on the Isle of Wight. I once did some work with Eugene on the early stages of the Eureka science scheme and was
impressed with his enthusiasm and drive. With him behind this project it could go far.

The project is in its early stages, but the bones are up there and its possible to see what they are trying to achieve. Initially it’s starting with Science, but there are plans to cover other subjects in the future.

What I did really like, and is why its being written about here on my IWB blog, is the Template Factory. This provides a bank of ready-made templates for Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint which give teachers a basic structure to then build on. There are resources for lesson starters/plenaries and many other useful files.

As I said, there’s already some meat to get your teeth into her for now, but it is early stages so hopefully this portal will grow and grow and I wish them the best of luck with it.