Here’s a simple idea for using an Interactive Whiteboard for an end-of-lesson plenary activity. It’s a very simple slide to produce;

1. Draw a circle and fill it in.
2. Lock the circle to the background.
3. Add text boxes with keywords from the lesson around the outside of the circle.

And thats it. At the end of the lesson, get different pupils to come to the board and pull in two words to complete the sentence “I have learned that….” For example “I have learned that body cells contain 46 chromosomes.”

Every pupil should have some thinking time first to think of several combinations they could use before calling pupils to the board.

Plenary Circle

This could be made more involved by “chaining” the words so that one word is left behind for the next pupil to use… but this means more thought has to be put into the words provided by the teacher in the first place.

If the room layout makes it difficult to get the pupils up to the board easily, then it may be worth investing in a wireless mouse that can be quickly passed around and allow them to move the words themselves.

I have produced a quick video about this activity. You can view it here.

The Smart Notebook and Promethean file that includes this activity can be found on this page. Scroll down to the Biology section and download the Mitosis and Meiosis lesson.