Here are some handy links for teaching Primary Electricity on an IWB

This is something I haven’t seen before. Looks quite fun

The Blobz Guide to Circuits

I used to use a great piece of free software called Crocodile Elementary, from Crocodile Clips. It seemed to have gone but I think I’ve found it again. It’s been rebranded as Yenka Basic Circuits, and you can download it from the Yenka website here.

From the BBC:

Other Links

Make an Electric Circuit Online

BBC Learning Zone – Electricity Videos

PhET Circuit Builder

Cleo Circuit World

For a quick 10 minute preview, that explains some aspects of circuits. Go to Furry Elephant, and choose series or parallel circuits. It literally only allows you 10 minutes though.

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E=TC3 6G Changing Circuits Page

E=TC3 4f Circuits and Conductors Page

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