I’ve recently got my hands on a set of Smart’s new Senteo voting kits. They look really nice and I can’t wait to try them out with a class soon.

Smart is moving into a quite crowded market, against products like Activote, TurningPoint, Quizdom etc but this is a pretty nice product.

Once the software is installed you get a Senteo option on your Smart Notebook toolbar (and also in Powerpoint, but I’ve not investigated that yet). Adding questions for the students to answer couldn’t be easier and I’ve made a short video to show how to do it.

Take a look at the video here.

The handsets are quite chunky, and less “nickable” than the TurningPoint ones. They come in a very nice padded bag with a carry strap for ease of transport. The receiver was installed pretty quickly and it was really simple to import a class list into the Senteo Manager. I’ll do some more tutorials soon to show how to do this.

First impressions are very positive. I set up a test, logged in some handsets and ran the quiz very quickly. Output to Excel was also simple. I don’t know how good the data mining is yet, that’s something else I need to investigate.

Will post more on here once I’ve had more of a play.