Smart Notebook 10 now comes with a tool that a lot of Smartboard users have been wanting for a long time – the ability to make tables. It was always such a pain messing about with lines to draw a table, and it never lined up as easily. The new tables tool makes this so much easier!

The “Insert Table” icon is on the toolbar, next to the Select arrow. Click on it and choose the size of table you wish to add. It’s no different to adding a table into Word.

What’s nice about the tables is that you can drag images into cells – and the images will automatically resize to fit the cell.

You can merge cells by dragging to select them, then clicking the right mouse button and choosing “Merge Cells”. You can also right click in a cell and choose Split – to split one cell into more.

Another interesting tool is the Cell Shade. Right click on a cell and choose “Add Cell Shade”. This will add a mini version of the screen shade that just covers one cell. Click on the shade to remove it. This would be good for hiding answers or additional help. You can see the cell shade on a few cells in the image below:

Smart tables

I have produced a quick video about the Smart 10 tables tool. You can view the video here.