ClassFlow is Promethean’s cloud-based whiteboard software and classroom management suite. ClassFlow can be used to connect classrooms by creating collaborative lessons which encourage the sharing of ideas across front-of-class interactive displays, laptops and handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.

It’s been around for a while now, gong through various iterations. Version 4 has just been released, and with it comes some great developments. It’s also easier to use ClassFlow out for free.

With the latest release ClassFlow now offers:

Free teacher and student accounts – Both teachers and students now have the option to create accounts to foster a deeper level of collaborative learning. With the introduction of free student accounts in this version of ClassFlow, teachers can create assignments and assessments for students to complete independently or collaboratively in small groups – both inside and outside of class.

Thousands of free teacher-approved interactive lessons – The latest release of ClassFlow helps teachers get started faster by offering thousands of free interactive lessons through the new ClassFlow Marketplace. New widgets and interactive content will be added weekly.

Free ClassFlow Desktop – Teachers can now download ClassFlow Desktop for free. With ClassFlow Desktop, a native app for Windows PC  and Mac, a teacher can capture anything displayed on his or her computer and share it with students as interactive lesson content. Classflow Desktop also includes:

  • Instant whiteboard – launch the instant whiteboard to write and draw freely for brainstorming and classroom instruction. Capture and share the screen with the entire class.
  • Built-in Web Browser – use the browser to view live web pages and share with students to interact with.
  • Classflow access – allows access to your classflow account – including data on your classes and access to your cloud-stored content.

Student Badges – ClassFlow now includes a rewards capability that enables teachers to send digital badges to students who display exemplary behaviors in class. Teachers can select a badge from the existing options, or create customized rewards with unique messages and looks.

Collaborative lesson building – Students can now simultaneously build projects together as a team. They can also create lessons together, demonstrating mastery of concepts and as an especially useful tool for flipped classrooms and blended learning approaches.


Alien Race (Competitive Results Viewer)

Promethean have also released a standalone PC/Mac app which connects to your ClassFlow teacher. Simply select one of the pre-made Assessments to start the game, and ask your students to join the session. The app has a leaderboard which displays the first three students to complete the Assessment.

If you haven’t already taken a look at ClassFlow, it’s worth visiting the ClassFlow website to learn more, even if you’re not already a Promethean board user.

For a full set of release notes, visit the Classflow website here.

Update : Do note that there is now both a and a .com version of ClassFlow. If you’re a UK teacher and have already created an account, it will be on the .com version. You’ll need to create a new account on the site. It’s possible to link the two versions later, once you’ve logged in. If you use Classflow within ActivInspire you’ll need to switch servers too. I’ve explained this all better in another blogpost here!