Hurrah. The postman has just arrived with my Flip Video I blogged about a few weeks back.

First impressions. It looks good. Is a little bigger than I imagined, slightly larger than my digital camera and my N95. But it feels quite sturdy and I’d be happy to put this in the hands of students to film stuff with.

Only gripe is that I’d like it to have a lens cover perhaps. It takes regular batteries rather than has its own rechargeable battery like my camera does. I’ll reserve judgement on that until I’ve seen how long it goes on a single pair of Duracells.

flip video
flip video
flip video

Here’s a test video, and another on my N95 to compare. I actually think the quality is slightly better on the flip video, but that may just be the way flickr processes mp4 files.

Flip Video Test:

N95 Test:

Judge for yourself!

Personally, I think the Flip video is great to put into the hands of students. The N95 is for me to use for those moments when I want to take photos or video – it means I always have access to a good quality camera. But I wouldn’t want to give my phone to anyone else to use.

At £99 the Flip Video is pretty good value, and I could easily see a few of these being bought so several groups could use them at the same time.

Digital Blue Movie Cameras – your days are well and truly numbered. (although the choice of name has always amused me!)

update: other reviews of the flip video on Terry Freedmans blog, on Joe Dales blog and on Mark Warners blog.